Change Log for Maze Generator


Upgraded the .NET framework.

Added more information to the "How to" section.

Raised the price in Swedish Krona (SEK) with approximately 8 % to compensate for the weakening of the SEK during 2022 as well as other cost increases.


Finally added support for HTTPS.


The JGB Service business was moved into Alance AB. Both companies have the same owner. The only difference for the users of the Maze Generator site is that copyright notices and invoices for licenses will refer to Alance AB instead of JGB Service. These changes will be made gradually during 2021.


Fixed crash that appeared when the internal room was almost as large as the maze.

Added extra note about the mazes not being free to use for commercial purposes.


Updated two frameworks and prices for commercial use.


Fixed problem with price estimations in EUR and USD not showing up on the commercial use page.


Minor "under the hood" changes for usage statistics.


Added a new "How to" section to the site. It currently contains information about how to import mazes into Unity, but the plan is to add more information. If you have "How tos" for other usages, please e-mail me.

Some minor spelling corrections.


Updated the information about commercial use. The only factual change is that the license prices now are in SEK. The prices in EUR will be almost the same but will of course depend on the current exchange rate.


Updated the information about commercial use. No factual changes but an attempt to make it clearer.


Added possibility to create mazes in the hexagonal form with sigma tessellation (previously delta tessellation was used but now it is possible to choose).

Added support for rendering sigma mazes as line mazes, previously this was only possible for orthogonal mazes.

Fixed a bug that caused orthogonal mazes to be incorrectly rendered in line style PNG files.

Slightly adjusted the rendering of delta maze solutions.


Added two new forms for the mazes: Triangular and hexagonal.

Re-designed the user interface slightly. You now select the maze's form first, rectangular (more or less), circular or one of the two new options, triangular and hexagonal.

Added possibility to have an optional central room in all mazes (not optional in the circular one).

Added an option to prioritize circular corridors in the circular maze.

The "Show solution" button is now replaced by a "sticky" checkbox. If you check it the solution will be shown for every new maze until you uncheck it.


Corrected a bug that caused the solution for a theta maze to be drawn slightly off-center under very rare circumstances.


Refactored all the backend code to make it more modular.

Adjusted the rendering of sigma mazes slightly.

Added more detailed information about commercial use.


Added provisional support for rendering orthogonal mazes as line mazes, i.e. the possible paths are represented by a line and not the white space between the lines. This variant can be useful in, among other things, CAM applications and for robot competitions. If this become popular there are plans for adding this rendering style for sigma and theta mazes as well. (Delta mazes might be a bit more complicated though.)


Moved Facebook Like and Share buttons to main panel.

Fixed HTML5 validation errors on the About page.


Added option to download maze as PNG file.

Added Facebook Like and Share buttons.

Switched to HTML5.

Addedd Donate link on front page.

Minor layout adjustments.


Fixed an issue with the solution page in a PDF file not having the selected size.

Minor spelling corrections.


Added PayPal Donate button to about page.


Added support for compression of SVG versions of the mazes. Should result in less data traffic.


Minor performance improvements.


Corrected some terminology, circular mazes are also known as theta mazes.


Trying to serve SVG files instead of PNGs to web browsers that supports them. This should make the maze on the webpage sharper on high resultion displays and also when the web page is zoomed in.

Added new panel with information about recent updates on main page.


Added support for circular mazes.

Enabled antialiasing where relevant for the PNG file generation.

Added option to specify direction.


Rewrote the algorithm for plotting solutions in mazes with triangular cells. It looks much better now and should produce slightly smaller PDFs and SVG files.

Some code refactoring in preparation for new functionality.

Added better handling of timed out sessions.


Minor bug fixes and optimizations.


Switched to PDFsharp due to license requirements.


Reversed the mazes so that the entrance is at the top of the maze instead of at the bottom.

Made the site a bit more friendly to devices with small screens, i.e. smartphones.

Fixed a configuration issue, where users sometimes would get an error due to that the site is running on a server farm.

Upgraded to ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2013.


Improved site's start-up speed slightly. Moved public site to Binero web hosting.


Upgraded to ASP.NET 4 and iTextSharp 5.0.4. Moved test site to Binero web hosting, since they support ASP.NET 4.


Added ICRA and SafeSurf labels.


Added an examples page.


Added support for dual domains ( and The site will auto-select between English and Swedish based on the user's preferred language, if there is one. If there isn't, it will speak Swedish if the ".se" domain is used, and English if the ".net" one is used.


Added contact information.

Fixed some internal links.


Fixed some typos on the help page.

Translated the help page to Swedish.

Some minor code optimizations.


Made the PNG image generation a bit more efficient.


Fixed problem with maze picture not getting updated properly.

Added change log.


Added more detailed control of the maze generation algorithm.

Corrected, updated and expanded the help page.

Translated most of the site to Swedish (everything but the Help page).


Optimzed SVG file generation. (Uses one polyline item instead of multiple line items more often.)

Corrected the SVG Media Type to "image/svg+xml" instead of "image/svg".

Corrected some text on the About page.

Updated iTextSharp from to 5.0.2.


Added About page.

Added Help page.

Added possibility to download PDF files in A3, Letter and Legal formats.


Corrected the PDF generation of sigma mazes. (The hexagons was a bit asymmetrical.)

Added extra space between title and maze in PDF files.

Code optimizations.


Added possibility to download PDF files using iTextSharp

Added possibility to download SVG files using internal file generator.

Updated user interface.


First functional release.

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