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This information was last updated 2023-01-01, except for the price indications in Euro and US Dollar which are automatically updated every hour.

To use mazes from for commercial purposes you need a commercial license. By "commercial purposes" we mean that you plan to make money out of its use either directly or indirectly, e.g. through advertisement networks or by promoting other commercial products.

Why buy mazes from

Time for the marketing talk... We believe there are a number of features that put together sets in a class of its own.

Different types of licenses

You can either license single mazes or buy a yearly unlimited license. If you plan to use 21 mazes or more during a year, the unlimited license will be the economic choice. When you license a maze for commercial use you also have the right to create derived work from it, i.e. you can modify it any way you like. The unlimited license allows you to download an unlimited number of royalty free mazes during the license period. If you decide not to renew the license when the license period expires you can continue to use the mazes you already have downloaded, but you are not allowed to download any new mazes for commercial use.

There are also two different levels of the licenses. One requires you to attribute, i.e. include the text "Licensed from" in connection with the mazes, and if they are made available in an electronic form the link has to be a clickable hyperlink to If you do not want to attribute there is another license without that requirement and, of course, a higher price.


The prices below are in Swedish Krona (SEK) and does not include VAT. The prices given in Euro (EUR) and US Dollar (USD) are only an indication based on todays exchange rate. The exact price in those and other currencies depend on your payment service's exchange rate at the time of payment.

License typeSEKEURUSD
Individual mazes with attribution requirement, per maze: 49.00 4.33 4.71
Individual mazes without attribution requirement, per maze: 98.00 8.65 9.42
Unlimited mazes with attribution requirement, per year: 1,025.00 90.48 98.55
Unlimited mazes without attribution requirement, per year: 2,050.00 180.95 197.10

Please note:

How to pay

We always send an invoice. There are multiple payment options, pick the one that works best for you:

How to order

Send an email to and tell us the following:

We will then send you a PDF or PayPal invoice by email. The payed invoice is your proof of the license. If you need a specific proof of the license, please let us know and we will send you one after we have received the payment.

How do I download a licensed maze?

Exactly the same way as you do an unlicensed one. There is really nothing technically preventing people from downloading a maze and use it anyway they like. It is all about trust, if someone use a maze they downloaded for commercial purposes we trust them to contact us and pay for it. If we find that this trust is abused, we might seek legal action and/or add some limitations to the site. However, we very much prefer not having to do that, so please be honest.


If you still got questions, please email us at:

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